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Bike the Burg!

Mountain bike enthusiasts rejoice! A new mountain bike trail in Gibsonburg, Ohio offers a unique location that is fun for riders of all skill levels. Let’s start with a little about Gibsonburg and the area around Waggoner’s Run. Gibsonburg is a small rural northern Ohio farm town located in Sandusky County but very well known by outdoor enthusiasts for “White Star Park” which offers hiking trails, an inland quarry lake for SCUBA diving and now mountain bike trails. Gibsonburg is around two hours from Columbus, Cleveland and Detroit so getting there is not part of the challenge! So now that you know the area, lets skip to the good part…

Waggoner’s Run Mountain Bike Trail was a collaborative project between the Flatlanders Bicycle Club and the Sandusky County Oark District in 2019 and is located within SCPD’s “White Star Park.” The Flatlanders completed the trail and dedicated it in October of 2020 and appropriately named it “Waggoner’s Run” after local cycling enthusiast and bicycle shop owner, Dan Waggoner. The trail features nearly six miles of twists, turns and exciting natural and man-made features, including the newest feature, a challenging teeter-totter placed right before one of the biggest drips on the trail.

The trail is open for mountain bikes as well as hiking; we recommend hikers hike the trail in reverse and stay alert for oncoming bike traffic. The trail is a one-way mountain bike trail, beginning at the parking lot next to the railroad tracks on County Road 65. Please no horseback riding, pets, or motorized vehicles. For those looking for more information, trail conditions, and closures, I recommend the Waggoner Run Mountain Bike Trail Facebook Page. Sandusky County has so much to see and do from Kayaking in the Sandusky River to Festivals and Farmer’s Markets, there is always something fun to see and do in the area. For more information about the area, nearby attractions, and events visit:

September thru April experience nighttime on the trail! Open till 9 PM and subject to change. Please follow all postings and closures. For more information, visit:

Trail Etiquette Directional Trail Trail is to be ridden from Shade road parking lot entrance only, do not ride the opposite direction. Bikers and Hikers Only Dogs, equestrians and motorized vehicles are prohibited Yield Appropriately Hikers should yield to bicyclists. Do your utmost to let your fellow trail users know you're coming - a friendly greeting or bell ring are good methods. Try to anticipate other trail users as you ride around corners. Slow down and exercise courtesy when passing hikers. Be Aware It is the responsibility of every trail user to maintain awareness of their surroundings. Inattention can lead to incidents with other trail users. Please control your speed. Use Designated Trails Only Do not go off trail (even to pass). Stay on designated trail for bikes only. Competitive Racing is Prohibited Come Prepared Keep your equipment in good repair and carry necessary supplies. Helmets highly recommended for bicyclists using this trail. Leave No Trace Practice low-impact hiking and cycling. Riding on a muddy trail damages the trail. It leaves ruts, contributes to erosion & creates an un-rideable, hard to fix trail surface. If you are leaving a visible rut, the trail is too muddy to ride. Check for possible trail closures and restrictions on our Waggoner's Run Mountain Bike Trail Facebook Page.

Bridges, technical challenges and even a teeter-totter are located throughout the trail and can be attempted or bypassed if desired.

Waggoner's Run Mountain Bike Trail

(White Star Park Barn)

5013 County Road 65,

Gibsonburg OH 43431

(Parking lot next to the railroad tracks on County Road 65)

Blog by David Thornbury

Sandusky County Visitors Bureau

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