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Move Your Mind at The Poignon Project

Sitting in the front row of the glass blowing demonstration, you can feel the heat from the fire as the glass expands and bends to make a unique shape. It looks as though it could melt and drip onto the floor, but it never does since the highly skilled glass blower continuously turns the hot glass, fighting against gravity. Even through the protective glasses shielding your eyes from the light of the flames, you can see this amazing artwork forming before your eyes. Looking around at all the glass pieces in the shop, it’s amazing to consider that this is how they were all made.

In 2015 Ryan and Monica Poignon opened the Poignon Project Art Studio and Gallery located in Tiffin, though they have been creating art for over a decade. They create one of a kind pieces in a variety of styles and mediums, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy. The Poignon Project joins a long history of glassblowing and glass making in Seneca County. Lucky patrons can see the glass being made live, which is certainly entertaining and awe-inspiring. You can also sign up for a private glassblowing class and experience or catch Ryan working his magic at different community events, such as the Seneca County Fair.

Throughout the shop, the ornaments, pendant necklaces, shot glasses, stemware, marbles, and other fun glasswares are amazing creations that make for perfect gifts or something fun to keep for yourself. The Poignon Project is always experimenting to create the most unique pieces and each piece is one-of-a kind and unique with its own beauty. Every purchase comes with an authentication card that represents what you have is truly something special.

Aside from the unique creations that come from The Poignon Project, some of their most beautiful work is the impact they have on the local community by bringing more art and creativity to life in Seneca County's own backyard. The Community Art Shed is a prime example of their work. Inspired by the concept that any artist, regardless of age or skill, can use and should have access to art supplies from the shed to make their own masterpieces. And the best part - all of the art supplies are provided through donations and are completely free for those using them. Their mission is to provide aspiring artists with the tools they need to create, at no cost to the artists.

You can also find The Poignon Project set up at the Court Street Markets, an idea that came out of the recently created Tiffin Municipal Arts Commission (TMAC). The Poignons have had a heavy hand in forming and running the commission and have taken on great responsibilities to making projects happen in the community through that group. Some include the electric box art contests and installations that can be seen throughout the city and the Court Street Markets that feature local makers and creators! Their most recent addition to providing more artistic opportunities to the community include the creation of "Art Box." The purpose of the Art Box is to expand the Community Art Shed concept by supplying and nurturing our creative community. Art Box allows artists to place a piece of artwork in the box and take another artists work in exchange. Their goal is to have various locations inside downtown businesses with each box being a different art theme and type such as a book exchange, record exchange, poem exchange, etc. The options are limitless and with other local businesses already interested, their dream is soon to become. reality throughout the whole city!

There is a certain feeling of awe when you're surrounded by the amazing art in the Poignon Project. Maybe it’s because all of the artwork is made on sight, or that each piece is handmade and unique, but whatever it is, it’s difficult to leave without having a greater respect for art and the artistic process. Next time you’re exploring, be sure to stop by the Poignon Project and check out the amazing things happening. It’s truly not to be missed and is one of Seneca County's finest features, your mind will surely be moved! You can find The Poignon Project at 227 E. Perry Street in Tiffin, OH 44883 or call them at 419-618-6429. To stay up to date with what they are up to, follow them on social media or visit

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