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Snook's Dream Cars in Bowling Green Ohio offers New 3D Virtual Tour of their Classic Car Collection

Below is the link to the virtual tour of the museum, but HOLD ON don't click that play button just yet! Before diving in, take the time to read through the rest of this blog post to see everything Snook's has on display and see more photos from their collection.

Automobile history comes alive in Snook’s Dream Cars Automobile Museum fittingly located

adjacent to one of America’s first cross- country highways, U.S. Route 6, in Bowling Green, Ohio. Your journey in the “past lane” begins as you step into an authentically recreated 40s- era Texaco filling station, featuring an extensive collection of “automobilia” — everything from hood ornaments and window cranks to seat covers, bug remover and backseat touring games.

You will continue past an operational, four-bay mechanics’ area where vintage vehicles are repaired, and into a working museum of coin-operated amusements, ranging from pinball and slot machines to a Model-T Kiddie Ride. You won’t want to miss the antique pedal cars, Texaco Promotional gimmicks or the classic collection of automobile decanters, some still holding their original Jim Beam brew.

When you’ve had your fill of these “time machines,” wheel into a spectacular showroom of dream cars from the ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. The Snook’s eclectic collection reflects the elegance of years past. Displayed in authentic settings, their vintage vehicles will take you back to a 1930s general store, a 1940s stroll through downtown Bowling Green, a 1950s diner, and a 1960s Sebring raceway pit lane.

A collection of classic military vehicles completes the living museum, where all the cars are running, reliable and ready to show.

Be sure to visit our gift shop, to take a little bit of history home with you!

If you are a car collector or just enjoy the vintage memories that these vehicles seem to inspire, we welcome you to check out Snook's Dream Cars for yourself. Please call and or check with their business to make sure they are back on normal operating hours due to Covid-19. For more interesting topics of discussion, virtual experiences, featured attractions and more, visit:

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