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The Buckeye Restaurant and Suites is the newest addition to Clyde’s downtown area.

The Buckeye Restaurant and Suites is the newest addition to Clyde’s downtown area - located at 203 West Buckeye Street, Clyde, OH 43410. The restaurant is open to the public as of July 9, 2020 and it not only provides homemade comfort food that will keep you coming back, but the owners Doug and Bobbie Boyer have a mission to create a memorable experience for anyone who comes through the doors. While renovating the space, the couple decided they wanted to do more than just sell food - they wanted to turn it into a “community hotspot”.

The space hosts three different businesses in the downstairs alone: a full-service restaurant, a coffee shop, and an ice cream parlor, with retail sales mixed in. While providing homemade food, coffee and ice cream, the business also wanted to give back to the community they serve. All of the artwork featured in the restaurant is commissioned from local artists and all of the glass that is used for decorations is from Hawks Crystal in Tiffin - all of which is available for purchase. Additionally, all of the tables were crafted from silver maple trees from right behind the house that were over 120 years old. The couple wanted to salvage the trees, but eventually were forced to cut them down. The Silver maple trees were sent to Decker Custom Woodworking, where the trees were cured, put in the kiln for six months, and ran through a sawmill.

“All of the tables in the building were made from trees that came out of this neighborhood,” stated owner Doug Boyer. “Each table is unique and grew up in this neighborhood”.

In order to save a piece of Clyde history, the Boyers restored everything in the house aside from the original dining room ceiling, which was one of the things that drew Doug to the space. The restoration included building six bathrooms and a new kitchen complete with a butler’s pantry dressed in tile work reminiscent of the era in which the home was built. They replaced 100% of the electric, rebuilt half of the house from the inside out, and every inch of flooring, plumbing, plaster and drywall was restored or replaced to create a beautiful foundation for the Victorian era style and color palette.

The upstairs space was the biggest challenge during the remodel, due to a fire that likely occurred in the 1920’s but it is also where Doug’s vision for turning the space into a restaurant began. After purchasing the house, Boyer was looking out the window and saw Clyde residents outside that he wished he could invite in for a cup of coffee and a piece of pie.

“It was in that moment I swore I smelled garlic and heard music downstairs,” Boyer said. “Something in me told me, ‘I have to do this’”.

The upstairs will eventually serve as a hotel space, where guests can rent a suite in the magnificent home built in the 1890’s. Each suite offers a full bathroom, with claw foot tubs, large showers, and incredible designs.

The new business is also a host to a significant moment in Clyde’s history. As found on their website the history of the house is as follows:

For many years, several historical tidbits merged into a single story about President McKinley speaking from the home. While that never actually occurred, a significant moment in Clyde’s history did occur.

During the Presidential campaign of 1896, The McKinley Club hosted a day long rally that included bands, speakers, and a demonstration of rousing support for the candidate, William McKinley who at the time was the Governor of Ohio.

By the end of the day, over 2,500 had gathered to hear a speech by Joseph Foraker who had been the 37th Governor of Ohio and who in this same upcoming election would be elected US Senator representing Ohio. Due to the large crowd, the decision was made to have the candidate, former Governor Foraker speak from the balcony of the Richards home.

The following year after winning the Presidency, McKinley did stop briefly in Clyde on his way to the wedding of Fanny Hayes, daughter of the deceased President Rutherford Hayes. The reason for the stop was to allow a postal train to pass. Word of the President on the train spread quickly. He and Mrs. McKinley along with dignitaries traveling with the President did greet several hundred from the caboose but never left the train.”

Right now, the entire property will be used as dining room, with front porch seating and picnic tables in the front yard. Stop into the restaurant to experience a piece of the heart of Clyde Ohio. Whether it be live music on the front porch, a ‘cooked-from-scratch’ meal, a cup of fresh brewed coffee, or a scoop of ice cream

from the parlor, The Buckeye Restaurant and Suites is sure to provide a unique and memorable experience.

Check out their website for menu options and for more information on The Buckeye Restaurant and Suites:


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