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THE UrbanWoody Brewery | A Buckeye's Favorite Brew

Welcome to The UrbanWoody Brewery located in downtown Fostoria, OH. A family and veteran owned and operated nano brewery that provides an exceptional and memorable experience for each person who walks through their doors. With fanfare and swag to put a smile on any Ohio State fanatic's face, decor and ingredients with local flair, handmade and historical elements built into the building, and not to mention fantastic tasting beer, The UrbanWoody Brewery is not something you want to take for granted. While the name "The UrbanWoody Brewery" is a nod to Ohio State legends Urban Meyer and Woody Hayes, it is more about Ohio being home. All are welcome with open arms and a cold glass.

Mike and Tiffani Aurand are the proud founders and owners of The UrbanWoody Brewery and started the business venture by beginning work on their historical building in 2018 and officially opened their doors in May of 2019. Mike first got into brewing approximately 25 years ago with an at-home brewing kit. After many rounds of trial and error to get something that tasted good, Mike developed a real passion for the brewing process. Mike was serving as active-duty military and at the time he got stationed in Minnesota. During his time there he made the decision to follow his passion and attend brewery school. While learning the craft of brewing he also completed multiple internships with local breweries in that area. Once Mike returned to Fostoria, he and his wife Tiffani were ready to take the leap and put into practice all that Mike had learned and opened what is now The UrbanWoody Brewery.

The UrbanWoody Brewery is located in the heart of downtown Fostoria in what is called "The Foster Block." A huge part of the full UrbanWoody experience is getting to sip your beer in a historical building that has been transformed for modern day use. Charles Foster, the 35th Governor of Ohio, built the building in 1882. The brewery building features a taproom, two additional open seating spaces with another serving bar, and a space that can be used for overflow customers and that can be rented for private events. Mike and Tiffani have worked hard to keep the beauty and the historical feel alive in the space while still making it functional and welcoming. They chose the building specifically because they wanted The UrbanWoody Brewery to be unique.

You will not go anywhere else in the United States and find something that can mimic the atmosphere that Mike & Tiffani have cultivated. The transformation of the historical building truly sparked a domino effect of revitalization in The Foster Block and for the city of Fostoria. The Foster Block is now home to many businesses including The UrbanWoody Brewery, The Thistle Exchange, and coming soon, Java's Enchanted Bean, just to name a few. Each business features unique experiences and products that you can only find in Fostoria.

While The UrbanWoody Brewery is an obvious choice and favorite for Fostoria and Seneca County residents, the brewery has become more than just a location, but a real destination. In addition to being able to enjoy your drink inside the building, you can also head outside and enjoy the nice weather on the patio. To be entertained and create a full experience for guests, The UrbanWoody Brewery added a stage in the greenspace across the street from their physical location. Here, they welcome concerts, food trucks, and events like their annual Oktoberfest and the Fostoria Proud Christmas Card Display.

The UrbanWoody Brewery is a space to connect with others, which is why they host a wide array of events from trivia nights, to live music, to paint and sips, the brewery is the foundation for connection. In addition to beer, The UrbanWoody Brewery also serves hard seltzers and has an option for food to be delivered to you while enjoying the brewery from Fostoria's very own, Flippin' Jimmy's. Mike and Tiffani have big plans, including serving up their own wine, ahead for the brewery and know that the success they have seen is just the beginning. The community support has been outpouring and they cannot wait to continue to give back in the work they do. To keep up with everything The UrbanWoody Brewery has going on, follow them on their Facebook page. To experience all that The UrbanWoody Brewery is, walk through the door, pull up a stool, and enjoy the moment.

THE UrbanWoody Brewery 105 E Tiffin St, Fostoria, OH 44830

Phone: (419) 379-6015

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