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Have you "herd"? There is an unusual creature roaming around Fulton County?

What animal is nearly six feet tall at its hump, can weigh more than one ton, runs 35 mph, and jumps over six feet high? If you guessed a bison, you are correct! Bison in Fulton County? Who knew!?! The Bracy Gold Bison Ranch is one of many “hidden gems” in Northwest Ohio.

Bracy Gold Bison Ranch – A Hidden Gem in Fulton County

Nearly 50 majestic bison roam the grassy pastures of the Bracy Gold Bison Ranch in eastern Fulton County. Brent and Stacy Nofziger have a deep love of animals and strive to raise bison in an environmentally friendly manner to provide high-quality meat from their farm to your table! They also realize the importance of sharing the story of agriculture with others and enjoy welcoming guests to their bison ranch.

About the Farm Established in 2018, the Bracy Gold Bison Ranch is located on County Road 4 just north of Swanton. The farm is currently home to 3 bulls, 20 cows, and nearly 25 calves. Early this spring nearly 17 additional calves are expected to be born on this 55-acre bison ranch. Two beautiful horses and a flock of chickens are also part of this family farm in Fulton County.

Meet The Bison Farmers

The Bracy Gold Bison Ranch is owned and operated by Brent and Stacy Nofziger. Growing up on a family farm in Archbold, Brent always wanted to be a cowboy. Today he uses his expertise in business and accounting along with his love of farming to help raise happy and healthy animals. A trained vet tech, Stacy brings a degree in zoology and a great love of animals to the farm. She has worked with large animals at several zoos and works hard to ensure their bison herd stays healthy on the ranch. From rotating meat to helping mom rotate the bison, their daughter Leona is also a big help on the farm.

Brent and Stacy love to tell the story of bison and encourage guests to schedule a tour for an up-close look at these majestic animals! Farm tours are available by reservation only from May through early November. Tours are approximately 45 minutes long and include a tractor-drawn wagon ride into the pasture to learn more about bison – the national mammal of the United States. Guests are encouraged to ask questions and take photos of these impressive animals. While at the farm guests will also have an opportunity to visit their shop stocked with a large variety of bison meat, socks, and other products.

In addition to touring the farm and learning about these majestic creature, they are also a healthy protein alternative, lean bison . . .it’s what’s for dinner! Stop by the Bracy Gold Bison Ranch to purchase some bison steaks, roasts, or burgers, it's delicious! To schedule a time to purchase bison meat or tour the ranch call Stacy at 419.360.3395 or Brent at 419.572.0145.

Bison Fun Facts North American bison once numbered nearly 50 million but in the 1890s they faced near extinction as European settlers slaughtered all but less than a thousand buffalo. Today there are approximately 500,00 bison in North America, mostly on private ranches.

Both male and female bison have horns A full-grown bison bull is nearly six feet tall at his hump and can weigh more than one ton. Bison are great swimmers, can run 35 mph, and jump over six feet!

Special Events Saturday, November 4, 2023 – 5th Annual Great Pumpkin Drop Off The Great Pumpkin Drop-Off is held each year on the first Saturday after Halloween. Guests are encouraged to bring their pumpkins (carved or uncarved), to be fed to the bison at a later date! There will be tours throughout the day, live music, games & activities for the kids and bison-based meals from a local food truck, and more! Admission is $5 per person (no registration required) To learn more about other upcoming events and activities be sure to follow Bracy Gold Bison Ranch on Facebook!

Planning Your Visit Reservations are required to tour the Bracy Gold Bison Ranch. Tours are available from May thru early November for families or small groups. The farm tour fee is $5.00 per person. Tours are approximately 45 minutes long and include a wagon ride into the pasture to meet the bison.

Address: 11616 Co. Rd. 4, Swanton, OH 43558 Website: Phone: Stacy - 419.360.3395 Brent - 419.572.0145 E-mail: Facebook:

Farm Tour Dates: May 1 – November 4, 2023 Monday-Saturday: Tours available by appointment only Sunday: Closed

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