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Northwest Ohio Drive-In Movie Theaters

In this time of physical distancing, drive-in movies, once popular in the 1950s and '60s, are making a comeback. Since each group can remain in their own car, drive-in movies have been allowed to open while traditional indoor theaters are still closed. Check out Northwest Ohio’s drive-in theaters that are enjoying a new generation of customers.

V602 County Rd. 6, Liberty Center, OH | 877-343-5334 Seasonal mom-and-pop drive-in theater featuring first-run double features plus pizza and other snacks.

Sundance Kid Drive-In Theater 4500 Navarre Ave., Oregon, OH | 419-691-9668 Spend an evening under the stars at this nostalgic 1950s-style drive-in movie theater featuring digital cinema projection, FM stereo sound and concessions. Two movies play on two screens; open spring through fall.

Tiffin Drive-In Theater 4101 N. St. Rt. 53, Tiffin, OH | 877-343-5334 Classic outdoor movie theater with advance-purchase reserved parking spaces and casual American eats.

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