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There is something Magical, (literally) in Fulton County, that you must see!

Northwest Ohio has its fair share of hidden gems, and many of them are right here in Fulton County. From underrated establishments to little known destinations, check out this magical place that you may want to add to your bucket list this year!

Magic with A Message – Magic Shop, Museum & Theater

Magic with A Message is one of the few “brick and mortar” magic shops and museums still open in the Midwest. This little-known store is a treasure trove of unusual props, traditional magic tools, and one-of-a-kind magical artifacts and stories! With a professional magician on-site, you’re sure to be amazed and even surprised at all you can find at this hidden gem in historic downtown Wauseon.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional magician, a prankster looking for a fun gag, or just interested in learning more about the history of magic, there’s much to be discovered at this magical destination. Located just south of the railroad tracks on the corner of Fulton and Birch Street, this two-story venue includes a magic shop, museum, and theater.

The Magic Corner The Magic Corner is a unique magic shop with supplies for all levels of magicians. The shop carries everything from jokes and gags for fun-loving pranksters to balloons, books, videos, magic kits, and illusions. There are even juggling supplies and full body puppets for ventriloquism! Managed by a professional magician, if customers purchase a magic kit and can’t figure out how to do a trick they are encouraged to come back for help!

The Vanishing Magic Museum At this two-story museum, guests can experience the thrill and excitement of magic from the past. The museum collection includes a variety of unique and mysterious artifacts from many well-known magicians including McDonald Birch, Harry Blackstone Sr. and Jr., Houdini, Hardeen, and many more. The Vanishing Museum has even been featured on MeTV’s national TV show “Collector’s Call”! Personalized tours are available for families and small groups if reservations are made in advance.

Birch Theater

Magic and family fun are the focus of the performances presented at the Birch Theater by Dr. Kenneth Ladd, professional magician. Performances are held for special events or by reservation. The Birch Theater is available to rent for birthday parties, dinner theaters, and other special occasions (with or without a magic show). The auditorium provides theater seating for up to 85 guests or can be set for a catered meal for up to 45 people.

Special Events/Classes

Dr. Ladd offers a Magic Camp each summer and celebrates Magic Week late in October. His family-friendly magic shows can also be presented on or off-site for groups, birthday parties, youth groups, family reunions, or other special gatherings. Call or visit the website for more information about events, rentals, or magic shows.

Meet The Magician (side bar) Dr. Kenneth Ladd has been a part-time professional magician for nearly 50 years and enjoys his time as the resident magician at the Birch Theater and The Magic Corner. He has performed in the tri-state area at county fairs, church camps, conventions, picnics, community homecomings and more. A retired clergy of the United Methodist Church, Dr. Ladd holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. He received his Doctorate of Magic from the Academy of Magic and is a member of the International Society of Magicians, Fellowship of Christian Magicians, International Brotherhood of Magicians, Society of American Magicians, The Order of Merlin, and many other professional organizations. He enjoys performing with Aiden, his apprentice and great-grandson.

Planning Your Visit Personal tours are a great way to experience all that there is to see the magic shop, museum and theater. Tours are available for families or small groups and include a brief history of magic, a short magic show, and a tour of the magic museum. Groups/families are encouraged to call ahead to make reservations for a tour date/time. Cost is $20 per person (special rates available for students).


Monday: 10:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Tuesday: 10:00 PM – 5:30 PM Wednesday: 10:00 PM – 5:30 PM Thursday: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed


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