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  • Writer's pictureVisit NW Ohio's New VLOG Series (Episode 1.) Speedtrap Diner, Woodville, Ohio

Visit Northwest Ohio is excited to share with you the first of many Video Blogs, (VLOG's) that will be filmed across Northwest Ohio this summer. In these VLOG's the host of the series, Cathy Miller, will be highlighting some of the fun places to see, unique places to eat and also where to enjoy the most beautiful places to enjoy Northwest Ohio outdoors.

In episode 1, Cathy visited the Speedtrap Diner in Woodville, Ohio where they state, "We specialize in home cooked foods that make you happy and we know that you'll love our funkadelic ambiance that's served free with every meal"!

The diner is located at 310 E Main St, in Woodville and you cant miss them as you enter town heading west because there is a real vintage cop car on the roof of the building. Inside the diner the crazy eclectic feel is created by the vintage signs, license plates and movie star memorabilia that adorns every inch of each wall. If the atmosphere weren't enough to make you want to visit, then the food will be! Speedtrap specialized in comfort foods, burgers, breakfast and ice cream. Think the best of the every fair food vendor all in one place!

So sit back and join Cathy as she visits, Speedtrap Diner, Woodville Ohio.

For more information about Speedtrap Diner, Visit:

Address: 310 E Main St, Woodville, OH 43469 Menu:

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