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VLOG Series (Episode 2.) Craft Cocktails at The Renaissance of Tiffin, "Grab a Drink Doll Face"!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Grab a Drink, Doll Face! In this edition, of Exploring Northwest Ohio with Cathy, we made our way to beautiful Seneca County and settled in at the Renaissance of Tiffin, Ohio. The establishment is well known for craft cocktails, fine bourbons, exotic whiskeys and YES, they have lots of craft beers on tap!

As we arrived at the historic building, located at 129 South Washington Street, the summer heat had taken the temperature into the mid-90's and the sun was relentless as we walked our camera gear in tow down the sidewalk, anxious to see what this beautiful building looked like inside. The downtown area was buzzing with activity and there were several locals that took notice of our drone as we filmed clips of the building from above and walked over to inquire about our activity. When we explained that we were doing a documentary on the Renaissance, they were quick to offer their approval and a 5-star review of the blackberry whisky sours. Hot and thirsty, they had our attention!

As we entered and made our way down a few steps into the lower level of Renaissance, the cool air and old fashion prohibition charm welcomed you like an old friend, leading you back to the days when gangsters and flappers ran booze during Prohibition. I truly felt like a guard with a Tommy gun might be watching the door keeping a keen eye out for Coppers. The Atmosphere included Persian rugs, whiskey barrel bar tops, and 1920's style furniture all socially distanced at the moment to make it safe and inviting.

Establishment owner, Dave Spridgeon, along with our friends from Destination Seneca County, (Director Bryce Riggs, and Marketing and Sales Specialist, Brittany Cook) were patiently waiting for our arrival and made the formal introduction, shared their recommendation and we had a great discussion about all the great things the Seneca County area has to offer visitors. After you finish with this VLOG we invite you to return and visit their website for planning your adventure to the area.

Our VLOG series host, Cathy Miller, settled up to the bar top and without hesitation asked about the Blackberry Whisky Sours. Dave quickly confirmed they were a popular choice and without a blink, started working his magic. He artfully mixed fresh squeezed lemon juice and simple syrup, (made in-house) and added a full 2 ounces of Blackberry Bird dog Whiskey

to the shaker for each glass. Then, following an authentic old cocktail recipe, he added an egg white to make the drink smooth and frothy when shaken and poured over ice.

The best part came at the end as he garnished the cocktail with a genuine Italian cherry and drizzeled the syrup into the shape of an "R" matching the large script "R" that adorned the beautiful bar top where we were sitting.

Words cannot describe the refreshing taste of the drink and while we could go on and on typing about our visit, we are going to end here so you can watch the rest of our adventure in this video! After all this is a VLOG series so without further ado, we bring to you the Reniassance of Tiffin.

For more information about The Renaissance of Tiffin,

PHONE   (419) 722-3394

Author/Editor, David Thornbury, Sandusky County CVB

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