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VLOG Series, Serving up Red Wine and Blue at American Winery in Wauseon, Ohio

As we arrived at American Winery we couldn't help but become mesmerized by the huge American flag fluttering in the breeze overlooking the vineyard and farmhouse. Parking in the spacious parking lot, we noticed the handicap parking area and the motorcycle parking area. Wow I thought concrete from the road to the parking for the bikers that was nice to see.

We made our way to the old refurbished farmhouse by way of a couple steps or we could have taken the handicap ramp. The little things that we saw started to grow on us. They had used wine barrel stays for the handrail on the huge deck. stop and look back we saw the estate vineyard just passed the 10th and spacious overhang seating areas.

They were just beside the open area in front of the stage for live music. upon entering American Winery a comfortable and cozy feeling began to overtake the curiosity feeling we had as we had entered. We proceeded into the entry area and was greeted by one of the servers. We looked with amazement at 21 different varieties of wines displayed. We introduced ourselves in the owner and winemaker Tom Shank was summoned. Tom was quick to show and introductions followed. Tom moved us to the tasting bar, he gave it an extensive wine menu tour . The tasting bar was hammered copper and very unique. They they had American Winery had so many choices from a state grown grape lines, to fruit wines brought in from other sources.they also had the complete gamut of super sweet to completely dry wines. after discussion we settled on a dry red full of flavor and slightly oat wine it was called declaration of independence. and appropriately served with other wines like constitution, senate, and liberty.

Tom was quick to admit declaration of Independence was one of his favorites. We too were amazed at such a young Winery had such a delicious wine. Moving to a high top table in the seating area we were comforted with the cozy feeling even more the barn siding walls just makes the area have a warm feeling. With a couple of ships from our wine glasses the questions began to flow. How long had American winery been open. They'd only been open for a year and a half. We asked how long have you made wine, a reply of since high school, my dad was a chemical engineer and loved to make wine. I helped and learned the proper way to formulate wine. Admitting not quite like the typical homeowner recipes he chuckled. We talked more about the expansion of the tasting house and how the second floor was under remodel as we spoke. How the processing pole barn was outgrown within the first year and we put up a second pole barn delving the processing area.

Then there was the news of beer brewing system already installed and is waiting to be unveiled. All that remained was have the mail deliver the proper permits to to make and serve their craft beer. Not saying goodbyes but saying see you again soon. We parted and went back to the parking lot to be waived goodbye by the huge American flag. As we drove out of the parking lot another feeling of wow such a great place got to get back there soon again overtook us.

American Winery

15119 US-20 ALT,

Wauseon, OH 43567


Author/Editor, Tom Shank, American Winery & David Thornbury, Sandusky County CVB

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