Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, Ohio - Lake Erie Shores & Islands

Plan now, visit later....

We all know the face of travel and tourism has been forever changed and the post COVID-19 world we now live in has made travel and tourism temporarily difficult. We know that with that being said, everyone is anxious to get their lives back and return to a life of enjoyment and leisure travel. A cooperative group of Northwest Ohio Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Chamber of Commerce Offices and Visitor Centers have joined together to provide a comprehensive website where you can find information about our area.  On the site, you can visit attraction virtually, see the best attractions from each area featured in fun and informative posts so you can make those bucket list plans now and visit later.  We look forward to welcoming you when you return to Northwest Ohio with family and friends, taking in the best of what Ohio and our state has to offer!   


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